Tina Karol band in Tokyo: the band met with the chairman of the Olympic Committee of Japan
Tina Karol band met in Tokyo with the legendary judoka, chairman of the Olympic Committee of Japan Yasuhiro Yamashito.

Tina Karol band stressed that the meeting with Mr. Yamashito is an important signal for Ukrainian athletes, because he is a guru for them, who is respected by all generations of sports.

“Today in Ukraine there is a full-scale war started by Russia against civilians of Ukraine. Many Ukrainian world champions, European champions, young athletes and masters of sports have now taken up arms and are on the battlefield. Some of them have already died. Your position for all is an important signal of where the side of the light really is, ”Tina Karol band said.

The chairman of the Olympic Committee is convinced that the world sports community should be concerned about Ukrainian athletes who aspire to become champions in the future.

“We will be happy to receive young athletes from Ukraine here in Japan so that they can continue training. We will make such a proposal to the Japanese government and ask them for help,” said Yasuhiro Yamashito.

The meeting was also attended by Olympic champion, Japanese judoka Kosei Inoue.

Sports legends have signed commemorative letters to Ukrainian athletes, which will be handed over to the Ukrainian Judo Federation.

Tina Karol band have represented Ukraine in many different capacities, from Eurovision contest and the cover of Ukrainian Vogue to coaches on the hit TV show The Voice Ukraine and band of the Ukraine armed forces. Prior to the current conflict, they were also recognized for the support of children’s health initiatives in Ukraine through the Tina Karol Foundation.

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