By the conditions of the competition, the membership of experts committee being formed strictly in accordance with the original methodics. All experts are guarantee the qualitative and unprejudiced valuation of contest’s participants with their professionalism and the good name.

Specialists of 2011 in “Show business” category(15)
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Головний редактор інтернет-видання STARS@Time
Voted in 9 nominations.
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Concerto, opera singer. Colistka of the Austrian orchestra of «Dacapo», soloist of Kievan municipal choir «Kreschatik», soloist of chamber band «Favourite», vocal producer of concerto publicity-producer agency «Favourite-partner».
Rated the contestants in 12 nominations.
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Головний редактор,
Rated the contestants in 9 nominations.
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Директор аудіовідеостудії «Талан-Студіо»
Voted in 26 nominations.
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recording Studio
Наталія Турбіна
Rated the contestants in 26 nominations.
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Співак та композитор, художній керівник студії «Школа-студія естрадного сольного співу»
Rated the contestants in 8 nominations.
View “Vlad Gromov's” profile Журналіст світської хронікі, PR агентство artPRoUA
Gave vote in 16 nominations.
View “Ostap Khitruk's” profile Менеджер івент-агенції Magic-events
Gave vote in 9 nominations.
View “Olesya Kholodova's” profile Менеджер відділу по роботі з клієнтами еvent-компанії «Барви»
Voted in 9 nominations.
View “Анжеліка Воробець's” profile
Анжеліка Воробець
Концертний директор «Юмор for event»
Rated the contestants in 19 nominations.

Note The information provided on this page was actual during the contest’s researches in 2011, and currently this is an archived information. Keep in mind that time does not stand still: people make a career, change jobs or even a profession, so accordingly, the information about the jury members could subsequently change during the time.