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Current survey results of 2024 by the integrated assestment in category
Stores, supermarkets, trade centers / Experiential gifts shop
Info Integrated, “absolute” ratings is calculated by survey results of 3 respondent groups.
Consumers (40%)
Experts (40%)
Celebrities (20%)

The Favorites of the Year is determined by the Consumers (non-indifferent public), Experts (authoritative specialists of this market industry) and Celebrities Jury (known public figures and celebrities).

In forming of the integrated ratings, the following weight is assumed:

Chart of calculation of the integral rating Absolute rank = (average yearly rank of Consumers × 0.4) + (rank of Experts × 0.4) + (rank of Celebrities × 0.2).
1. Bodo  5
2. Go-Go  2.50

Notice This rating reflects the current interim results of the study of public opinion as on 6/14/2024 16:27:07 and it’s not yet final.
Strictly prohibited any use and reproduction of unfinished voting results without link to the source, without clear explanation of the methodology of the “Favorites of Success” Contest and without mandatory notes that poll is still continues and this result is not yet final.
You can affect on this rating, by attracting to the poll new respondents, your friends and acquaintances, who will also specify their personal preferences in the poll, expressing their trust to chosen participants.