My short introduction

I never actually wrote resume before, because I have never looked for full-time job. For all my life the job has always found me. But anyway here is my short introduction, not only as the programmer...

  • I have learned programming in Turbo Pascal in 1992 when I was 14 years old schoolboy. (It was not in my school program, I learned it for fun once I got my first PC (“Poisk 1.3”, x86 IBM compatible), but it was my first love in programming. I programmed in hexadecimal codes even before, on soviet programmable calculators BZ-34 and MK-52.)
  • In 1995 I have graduated from school and entered the faculty of Cybernetics in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. (Kyiv is capital of Ukraine and my home city.) I have graduated in University in 2000, my diploma work was “Automated Workflow Management Systems”.
  • However, besides of studying, due to difficult economical situation after USSR collapse and particularly hard times in my family, I was used to immediately start working as Borland Pascal programmer in September 1995. Then in December 1995 I have discovered Delphi and transferred all my previous codebase to Delphi.
  • My first job (since 1995 to 1999) was in JSC INET, I was involved into large project with energy saving and energy metering systems, which were introduced in many industrial enterprises in all ex-soviet countries.
  • I have created Delphi application (and several miscellaneous tools) for power engineers. An app has been called «Power dispatcher automated workstation». In modern terms, my part of job could be called as «front-end development». The application has taken sets of indications from numerous counters and sensors (up to thousands counters and sensors, indirectly through other «back-end» device and software developed by other programmers), then visualized data on the screen, in beautiful maps/schemes of industrial complexes. (I have created visual editor to draw the map of industrial enterprises, visualize all counters and sensors on map etc). The area of implementation of this program was the broadest. From simple stations for pumping of mineral water, to large coal and metallurgical enterprises, and even on a South Ukraine nuclear power plant. Also I developer several miscellaneous tools for visualization of heat maps, displaying combined data in graphs and charts.
  • In 1998 I have discovered internet and started WEB development in spare time. Also I started developing my freeware and shareware components and published it on, Delphipages and other sites. In 1999 sales of my shareware Delphi components (many of them still published on, AppControls and DiskControls pack is collections of over 100 high quality components) was so successful, so began to exceed income from my main full-time job. Until 2007 I have sold more than 15000 copies of my AppControls pack and some of stand-alone components.
  • In 1999 some of my activity was noticed and appreciated by Baltimore based company Teknosurf. (In 2000 it was renamed to and in 2004 sold to AOL for $435M.)
  • Between 1999 and to 2004 I was worked directly for John Ferber, founder of Teknosurf/Advertising. I was worked remotely from Ukraine (I couldn’t get American visa because I was military liable, but we met in Western Europe sometimes, mostly in Amsterdam). I have created numerous applications in Delphi, which was very relevant and successful for their time: GetPaid4 bar (desktop app which users installed to their PCs to get paid for watching ads), PagerGate — win32 app to send text messages to any mobile operator world-wide (it was free service, but with ads included), several conditionally useful applications which primary goal was displaying popup ads (when so-called spyware was legal), even MyEMessenger – this was the first dating service with video-calls, it was in 2002, 7 years before Chatroulette, before era of in-browser video.
  • Ater 2004 I was rich enough to start/invest into several businesses, but was stupid enough to invest into non-IT area, where I was an amateur. I invested into marketing projects, like trade marks award (Favorites of Success, 2004-...), into gambling (Coral Bet Club, 2005-until 2008, when it become illegal in Ukraine), restaurant (Flat, 2006-2016), and some other projects.
  • 2007-2018: time for my personal projects and running of several small businesses. In 2007 I realized that if I want to have successful projects I must fully control them myself. Since I am person from IT area, I have tried to convert each of my offline project into online.
    • For bookmaker's office... I have stopped accepting bets offline by cashiers and accepted and published results online. (Project was shut down when gambling become illegal in Ukraine. I had an option to move it to another country and continue running it as online project, but decided that it’s unethical business and I don’t see my future there.)
    • For restaurant... It was in a rather disadvantaged place, so I started to take online orders for delivery, weekly notify customers about new products, accepted photos for website gallery and mp3s for playlist in music box etc. (The project died because it always worked on the verge of profitability, and I was not owner of the premise. It become unrentable due to economic problems in Ukraine after pro-western liberal revolution and as result Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014. I could restart it in other place, but I generally lost interest to restaurant business.)
    • And my pride, the Favorites of Success, the trade marks award, or rating of consumers preferences in country market. I never had plan to be involved into brand marketing business, but my co-founders has abandoned the project just in 3 years of running it, in 2007. I did not want to put up with the loss of investment (I was the only investor), so decided to continue it myself. When I restarted it I was running team of 10 employees. But gradually cut, when I replaced some routine process with by program. I have turned the whole project into 1 large web application which running on (I know, that design was made in pre-mobile age and should be refreshed, but it's perfectly works as is and semi-automatically generating good income. Although design will be refreshed soon too.)
      • What is it... Open rating of consumers preferences that determine the best choice in country marked from the full range of products in the same category of goods, services, shops / institutions / establishments, mass media. And it's even determines the most the brightest and the most beloved by public stars of show business. Overall research of people preferences being conducted in over 600 categories of consumer market. The research have several levels of survey, and besides of consumer's opinion it includes an assessment of well known and reputable experts of the market area and celebrities. Winners of the annual research, so-called Favorites of Success, or Favorites of the Year, being awarded on the annual ceremony.
      • Key features implemented in web app... (to-do describe short list of the most notable features...) The most important that ~95% of all work performed automatically.
  • In 2018 my wife has won USA green card and in 2019 we decided to move to Florida, with our daughter. I did not chosen Florida specially. But the first city I have visited in USA was Tampa, because we came to my brother, who moved to USA long before (and working in Tampa Cancer Center, researching melanoma). But then we decided to stay nearby, in Bradenton.
  • Since 2019 I maintaining my past online projects + working as freelancer via Upwork. I’m ready for quailty work as Web or Windows programmer, open for long term offers.

I would like to be involved into some large project (preferable for new development, not for maintaining legacy code), don’t mind of good full time job and ready to relocate somewhere in USA, if required.

I'm both Web and Windows developer. Windows developer since 1995, web developer since 1998. I'm expert in Delphi (Object Pascal), C++, 16 and 32-bit Assembly language, Perl, PHP and JavaScript. And have an experience using a lot of libraries and frameworks for mentioned languages. Also I'm currently beginner in NodeJS and React. I'm learning quickly, so in few years I plan to consider myself as an expert in Node and React too.

Also I have some experience in C# and Java, but did not create nothing serious with these languages.

Plus, of course, I can create mobile applications (both iOS and Android) using Delphi (as well as develop web applications in Delphi). But mobile development is not my primary focus.

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