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Piligrim is one of the oldest travel companies in Ukraine, a network of travel agencies with a long tradition and the first online travel agency in Ukraine. We were born back in 1999. Our activities use the most advanced information technology. Website, created 18 years ago, in 2002, was the second tourist site of Ukraine (since 2005

We do not offer big discounts. We believe that the discount is a recognition by the manager of his insufficient qualifications. Discounts are provided for large quantities of goods, for customer loyalty, or for any identified shortcomings of the product being sold. The professionalism of our managers allows you to organize your vacation in such a way, and choose a budget such that the total effect of the joy of relaxation and the money spent on this joy many times compensates for possible discounts for non-professionals. We always make sure that on your return your gratitude surpasses all our and, especially, your expectations. And so that from year to year you trust us to organize not only your vacation, but also the rest of your relatives and friends. Moreover, in this case we provide significant discounts, which we call bonuses.

Фото офиса в Харькове (Бакулина)
Фото офиса в Харькове (Бакулина)
Representations, stores
Kharkiv. Office at Scientific stantion
13 Bakulina st.
Kharkiv. Office in the Palats Pratsi building
1 Constitution Square
Kyiv. Main office
2 Toropovskoho st.
Work time: Пн-Нд: 10:00-19.00

Network of travel agencies
(044) 585-10-34
(067) 131-0-333
(050) 249-0-333
ул. Георгия Тороповского 2, 2 этаж
(м. Дарница)
companies Network of travel agencies
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