The total survey results of 2020 by the integrated assestment in category
Profile publications / Popular-educational publication
Info Integrated, “absolute” ratings is calculated by survey results of 3 respondent groups.   Details…
Consumers (40%)
Experts (40%)
Celebrities (20%)
1. Колесо Жизни Link 5
Личности Link 4.23
Вокруг света Link 3.58
Мир Туризма  1.88
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Normed consumer's score are calculated by 5-score scale, accordingly to the methodic of the research.
The competitor which has taken 1st place in this rating — is the most successful Ukrainian edition of 2020 in the “Popular-educational publication” category!
Using this rating is only possible with obligatory link to the source.
This rating was built as a result of the study of social preferences in 2020, under the “Favorites of Success” Contest in Ukraine and it’s the free information. In case of full or partial republishing of the information drawn from this rating, it is obligatory to mention the name of the “Favorites of Success” Contest in printed publications, or put an active hyperlink to this page in the electronic media.  Details…
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Aлeкcaндp_Жapкoв Aлeкcaндp_Жapкoв comments positively on Колесо Жизни
Самое лучшее издание. Постоянно вдохновлеяет, радует, греет!
Lana_US Lana_US
А мне нравится и «Viva! Биография» и «Колесо Жизни»! Почему можно выбрать только 1издание??? :(
PaniTani PaniTani comments positively on Колесо Жизни
Замечательный журнал, помогает жить!
Zzayots Zzayots
а де "популярная механика"?
Anferi Anferi comments positively on Viva! Биография (Edipresse Ukraine)
Нравится Viva! Биография
интересный журнал))
Tanya_Alexandriya Tanya_Alexandriya comments positively on Viva! Биография (Edipresse Ukraine)
Люблю Viva! Биография …))))))))))))))
Svetulik Svetulik
Странно объединили биографии и географию.. и можно проголосовать только за 1
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