The member board of the Celebrities jury includes the most famous and recognizable people of Ukraine — the stars, celebrities. They influence the formation of tastes and preferences of Ukrainians and they are the pride of the nation, role models and heroes of the younger generation. These persons reached the undoubted success in their own area of ​​activity that can adequately assess the successes and others. Such people are, without exaggeration, could be called as «experts on success», because each one of them is the successful person.

Celebrities Jury 2013 (62)
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Співак, актор
Dмитро Гарбуз
Voted in 501 nominations.
Abstained in 69 of them.
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Singer, actress
Voted in 265 nominations.
Abstained in 7 of them.
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Актриса, телеведуча
Voted in 202 nominations.
Abstained in 37 of them.
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Gave vote in 181 nominations.
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Frontman, solo-guitare, international band PERSONA GRATA
Voted in 143 nominations.
Abstained in 4 of them.
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Photographer, photojournalist
Voted in 138 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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SKmusic Production
SKmusic production
Gave vote in 126 nominations.
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Gave vote in 119 nominations.
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Nata Smirina
singer, songwriter, Pur:Pur music band
Rated the contestants in 107 nominations.
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Eugene Zhebko
Pur:Pur music band, composer
Gave vote in 106 nominations.
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Actor and TV-host
Gave vote in 104 nominations.
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Voted in 101 nominations.
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Voted in 100 nominations.
View “Наталія Морозова's” profile
Voted in 96 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Voted in 92 nominations.
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Voted in 91 nominations.
Abstained in 3 of them.
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Singer, songwriter, TV-leader
Voted in 79 nominations.
Abstained in 17 of them.
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Композитор, поет, продюсер, художній керівник «Театру мюзиклів імені Віктора Шулакова».
Автор мюзиклів «Агент Монро», «Чемпио-о-о-оны!», «Natasha», «Человек-Риск: Козацкая рулетка», «Герої Крут»
Rated the contestants in 45 nominations.
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Tatyana Chebrova is the artist and the researcher of colors, the member of Ukrainian association of art Therapy. She also is the member of the socially-ecological art group «Strontium’90». Ta Chebrova is founder of the art-style Tralfrealism as Tran
Voted in 42 nominations.
Abstained in 2 of them.
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Gave vote in 42 nominations.
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Voted in 41 nominations.
Abstained in 8 of them.
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Rated the contestants in 25 nominations.
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Gave vote in 23 nominations.
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Радіо DJ FM
Voted in 21 nominations.
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Artem Atepalihin
Помічник-консультант Народного депутата України, Керуючий партнер TOPLAWYER, член Асоціації правників України
Voted in 19 nominations.
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Freedom Jazz
Gave vote in 15 nominations.
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Дизайнерка одягу
Gave vote in 11 nominations.
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Voted in 10 nominations.
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Gave vote in 10 nominations.
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Voted in 2 nominations.
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MOON Records
Gave vote in 2 nominations.

Note The information provided on this page was actual during the contest’s researches in 2013, and currently this is an archived information. Keep in mind that time does not stand still: people make a career, change jobs or even a profession, so accordingly, the information about the jury members could subsequently change during the time.