Promotional services for the Winner of the “Favorites of Success” Award

Медаль, Фаворит Успіху - 2023A success in the prestigious contest as a result of independent rating researches, confirmed by the audit of the International level, elevates the status of the company and trade mark.

It is beneficial to the company’s image and provides a high level of credibility of consumers and business audiences. In addition to increasing consumer loyalty to the brand, the official recognition of the victory is the best guide for buyers, helping them to consciously make the best choice among the range of competitive offerings, due to easily recognizable medal, which is an indisputable fact of high public trust and recognition of professionals.

The simple and absolutely transparent scheme of the researches and deteremination of the winners provides a high level of confidence to the Award.

The pack of basic image-representation services and rights to use of the title and premium status of winner[1] of the “Favorites of Success” Award:

  1. The winner receives a full annual report of the independent rating research in its market segment. The rating is based on a survey of three respondent groups and includes:
    1. rating of consumer confidence (reflects the dynamics of changes in consumer preferences over the four quarters of year);
    2. independent expert evaluation;
    3. rating of popularity built on the basis of survey of Ukrainian celebrities and public persons;
    4. Comprehensive, integrated assessment of all three groups.
    The report is certified by dual audit of the international class (KIIS, InMind). An example of research report: “Milk”, 2012 (PDF)PDF.
  2. The Awarding ceremony of «Favorites – 2008»,
    by «First business channel»
    Representatives of the winner are invited to the annual Awarding ceremony of the “Favorites of Success”. In a festive atmosphere the winner is awarded by a gold medal and a diploma of honor.

    The awarding ceremony is held in the form of the holiday-party show, in one of the most prestigious concert-halls of the capital, in the presence of journalists of mass-media (press and television) and Ukrainian business elite. The hosts of ceremony program are the popular stars of radio and television. Awarding ceremony is accompanied by individual scenario and video-presentation on the stage screen. The medal is awarded by a specially-invited celebrity. The program includes buffet or cocktails.
    Full video-version of the awarding ceremony is broadcasted on TV;
  3. The winner gets the right to use the granted title “Favorites of Success – 2023” in the nomination, and possibility to use the award symbol for the products under winner’s trade mark, in point of sales, in advertising and other branding communications with customers on the license agreement basis.
  4. The winner gets a pack of medal images in various digital formats (vector and the static image and the 3D-model) for the usage of the award image in further advertising and marketing brand communication (in the media, press, video, P.O.S.-materials, product packaging, during the BTL-actions, etc);
  5. The winner receives a complete package of photo and video materials, shot during the awarding ceremony, on the DVD-disc.
  6. The publication of the illustrated report articles in the partnership media (sensationalizing the fact of victory in the contest), with a full list of award winners indicating their status and nominations.

    Promotional campaign includes publications of the articles with review of winners in more than 12 printing editions:
    Apriori — Перший україномовний глянцевий журнал столиціApriori — Перший україномовний глянцевий журнал столиці
    Touch magazineTouch magazine
    Журнал ГрошіЖурнал Гроші
    Pharmacist Praktik – a popular science magazine for pharmacy specialistsPharmacist Praktik – a popular science magazine for pharmacy specialists
    Apteka weekly magazineApteka weekly magazine
    International professional magazine «Marketing and Advertising»International professional magazine «Marketing and Advertising»
    «FOOD UA» magazine. Foodstuff of Ukraine«FOOD UA» magazine. Foodstuff of Ukraine
    EMOTION, that inspire youEMOTION, that inspire you
    GLORY – magazine with appearanceGLORY – magazine with appearance
    SHO – magazine on the modern cultureSHO – magazine on the modern culture
    Журнал про подорожі «Мир туризма»Журнал про подорожі «Мир туризма»
    Щотижневик «Україна БізнесРевю»Щотижневик «Україна БізнесРевю»
    And publication of electronic press-release in pages of at least 23 Internet-resources (see also the list of media partners of the Award).
  7. Production (based on available materials) of the 20-seconds video-commercial of the winner, which includes both — straight line advertising, and the moment of awarding. Broadcasting of the video-commercials on the national Ukrainian TV channel, as well as in numerous TV-channels of Award partners. (Also, previously being held the news broadcasting devoted to the awarding ceremony, highlighting the winners and the entire mission of the Award in general.)
  8. Publication of the information about the winner to the web-portal, in the special press release, and in the special section dedicated to the Award winners, as well as the:
    • Publication of information about the winner in the trade marks catalogue in all sections where the winner trade mark are represented;
    • Distribution of information about the winner to all contest participants. The press-release of the Awarding ceremony (example) being emailed to all registered users (over 75,000 recipients);
    • Publication of the animated flash-banners of the winner, including the “Favorite of Success” medal in all sections of the web-portal during 3 months (minimally guaranteed amount — 150,000 views);
    • Opportunity to freely publish an unlimited number of news and promotions by the winner’s company during the year.
  9. Image profile information about the winner is published in an illustrated annual edition of the Award, named “Favorites of the Year” (circulation — 1000 copies. Example). The winner receives at least 10 copies of this booklet.
  10. Providing comprehensive consulting support for the winner in the preparation and implementation of its own advertising and PR-campaigns (including the possibility to assist in the production of promotional materials: video, audio, P.O.S.-materials, preparation of layouts for the printing editions, etc.). Providing guidance and examples to maximize the effect of promotional campaign, which introduces the trade mark as a winner in the rating of public confidence and the best choice for buyer.
Service name Tariff plan:
All inclusive
6000 €
4000 €
2200 €
1000 €
600 €
0 €
Basic information services of the Award
  1 An opportunity to use the information of the rating (the right to call itself as #1 in its market category). The possibility to spread the information about the win in the Contest (about the 1st place in rating) in own communications in mass-media, in press-releases and documentations, referencing to the results of the research. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Так, в не-комер-ційних цілях
  2 Report booklet with the results of the annual research of consumers and experts preferences in the categories, where the winner has won first place in the ranking. The report certified by independent international class auditors (InMind + KIIS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  3 The license for the sign (the medal “Favourite of Success – 2023”) for use in any communications, advertising, as a marking sign for goods and services, for applying on the packaging, labeling, signage, etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  4 Honorary diploma of the winner of the contest, which certifies the 1st place in rating (+ source layout for replication) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  5 Files with the graphic images of the Award (in vector graphic + 3D model) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  6 NEW! Providing the image banner “Favorite of Success – 2023” for the winner’s press events (which require the symbols of the competition) and corporate photo shoots. (The “spider”-type construction is provided with a 1.2×2m banner for temporary use.) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Awarding Ceremony
  7 Invitations to the annual show of the “Favorites of Success” awarding ceremony.
, Kyiv, .
(up to 10 guests)
(up to 8 guests)
(up to 6 guests)
(up to 4 guests)
(up to 2 guests)
  8 Solemn handing the Award of the Contest — the medal “Favorite of Success – 2023”
The award is being given on stage during the show program in packages “Economy” and above.
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
  9 Participation in a festive show of an awarding ceremony by chosen plan Yes Yes Yes
No No No
  10 Handling to the winner an award on the stage by specially invited celebrity Yes Yes No No No No
  11 Premium VIP service for the ceremony participant Yes No No No No No
  12 Individual scenario episode + short speech of the TM representative on a stage (1–2 min) Yes Yes Yes No No No
  13 Blitz-interview for a news channel. Providing assistance for filming of a quality news story and good image-presentation video Yes No No No No No
  14 An opportunity to provide products or gift certificates as prizes for the raffle among the guests of the awarding ceremony. Adding brand promotional materials to the press-packs for the guests of the event. Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
  15 An opportunity of accreditation to the event of the own journalists and reporters Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
  16 Electronic file archive with the full report of the awarding ceremony: photo and video-materials, news stories, interviews, commercials etc Yes Yes Yes No No No
Promotional campaign of the Winners
  17 Publication of the information about the recognition of winner TM as an official Favorite of Success, #1 in its category, in the’s catalog, in “Peoples Favorites of 2023” section, as well as in TM’s profile. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  18 E-mailing of the information about the winners of the contest (with a brief photo report) to over 80,000 recipients, registered users of Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  19 Spreading of the information about the winners via online-media Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
  20 Spreading the information about the winners through the specialized and professional printing media
Examples of reviews
(Up to 3 titles matched the profile)
(1-2 titles selected by profile)
(Selected individually by profile)
Partner edition of the Award
No No
  21 Spreading the information about the winner through the popular and business press Yes Yes
Selectively in partner editions
No No No
  22 Publication of the individual full-page image/advertising article in the professional edition to choose from. Example Yes
In the partner edition
No No No No
  23 Live online broadcast of an awarding ceremony show.
(It is the advantage only for participants of the show, who receiving the award on the stage.)
Yes Yes Yes No No No
  24 Broadcast of the awarding ceremony on TV, with replays, publication of the TV version online, spread through the social networks.
(Duration of the full awarding show — ~3 hours, airtime of TV version — 40-60 minutes.)
Yes Yes No No No No
  25 TV commercials: broadcasting of the series of promo videos on a national-wide channel. Coverage: all Ukraine or Kyiv only in double amount. Timing — 20 seconds. Example of the mediaplan Yes No No No No No
  26 Spreading of the individual press release of the winner through the number of popular news-sites, publication to news aggregators, mailing it to the bloggers and journalists Yes No No No No No
  27 The online adverting campaign on (3 months of banner rotation, minimal guaranteed amount — 100k exposures)
(triple amount)
(double amount)
Yes Yes No No
Consultancy support (design, copywriting and other services)
  28 Creation of the individual, unique (not template-based), photo-illustrated press release, which takes into account the brand’s corporate standards, market conditions and particular qualities of the brand’s target auditory Yes Yes No
(or standard template)
(or standard template)
(or standard template)
(or standard template)
  29 Creation of the promotional animated web banner for the winner’s advertising campaign in the Internet Yes Yes No No No No
  30 Creation of the personalized design for the brand’s pages in popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte and YouTube, that dedicated to the win of TM in the contest Yes No No No No No
  31 Creation or adaptation of a presentation video for a looped broadcasting on a stage-screen during the awarding ceremony Yes Yes Yes No No No
  32 Creating (mounting and sounding) of the post awarding TV commercial, for broadcasting on the nationwide channel, timing — 20 seconds Yes No No No No No
  33 Adaptation of TV-commercials of the winner to present it as the winner of the contest: №1 in its category and the best choice for the buyer. (Insert a medal and special effects, background pronunciation of the status, etc.) Yes Yes No No No No
  34 Consultancy services, comprehensive assistance in the preparation of the own effective advertising campaign, promotional materials Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Price (including VAT): 6000 € 4000 € 2200 € 1000 € 600 € 0 €

[1] InMind & KIISAs the winner is separately considered each company brand, that has taken a leading rank in the relevant category of goods or services. The winners are receiving notifications about the won in the Contest only after receiving the final ratings from the marketing research company InMind, which has been passed thorough audit of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS). Brands that do not prevail as a result of independent annual research cannot benefit from the promotional package of advertising services. Any suggestions on awarding the trade marks, having not become leaders according the results of rating researches will be rejected with indignation.

[2] The cost of a promotional package of services depends on his final list and other individual wishes of the winner. Payment is made in national currency according to the rate of NBU on the date of the signing the contract on participation in special events of the Award.

For big players, whose brands, according to the research, have taken a leading position in the rankings of several nominations, can benefit of special transparent discount system. Promotional package for the first brand paid by full price, for each of the next separate marks — 40% discount (for 5 and more brands — 50%), for each of the next nomination to the same brand discount is 60%.

The winners of mass-media nomination can receive an individual promotional package at a reduced cost, on the media-bartering (cross-promotion) basis. In some exceptional cases, by agreement with the organizer, a payment may be delayed.

The winners are also able to offer some of the products of their trade marks for public exhibition and to raffle off prizes during the Awarding ceremony or on the Contests website during the period of public consumer surveys.


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