Affiliate agent program

Do you like “Favorites of Success” Award and its mission? You want to assist us to make it more popular? And you would like to earn on this? Then join our Affiliate Program!

Cooperation offer


We offer you to affiliate agents monetary compensation in the amount of 10% of funds raised for any services we offer!

Participation in the affiliate program are opened to anyone — anyone who can qualitatively offer our highadvertising services!

  • Do you know someone who might be interested in our services?
  • You can offer the services to our future client and assist in making him a positive decision?
  • If your contact has become our client — you get a reward!

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 What the commercial services we provide, and what the agent can offer to his contacts?
  1. Organization of the branding campaign of winner of the “Favorites of Success” Award and providing related advertising services in mass media (television, press, Internet).
    Idea Important notice: representation services on awarding of the trade mark is only offered to leaders of public independant rating of the “Favorites of Success” Award, who took 1st place in rank (see voting and nominations of the competition). Trade marks and companies which did not become winners of the year, can not take advantage of these services.
  2. Implementation of large-scale marketing researches, based on public opinion on any subject;
  3. Services on the organization of holidays, parties, outdoor corporate events;
  4. Video filming production of promotional videos and presentations, video-design services;
  5. Providing banner advertising on
Questions and answers:
  1. Who can become an agent?

    Any individual with own client base of potential customers for our advertising services. Anyone who can offer our services to the client, make presentation to show all the advantages and benefits of our mutual cooperation. Anyone who will be able to give our clients compelling arguments, which will allow our client to make a positive decision to the use our services.
  2. How does our interaction with the agent?

    Upon individual request (depending on the specifics of the client’s activities and services which interests the client) we provide the agent with all necessary information about our services, pass maximum number of required documents and presentation materials, giving extensive information about our activities and portfolio, privately committing to all of the details of our planned activities.
    Because of our desire to make best facilitation of the agent’s work, we are ready to contact the potential customers ourselves, on the tip from agent, by his important recommendations and instructions.
    In case if the information provided by agent was influenced to client’s positive decision on our cooperation, and upon agent’s assistance we have signed the contract to provide our services to client — the agent receives guaranteed remuneration.
  3. Which way and in what terms the agent receives reward?

    Fees are transferred to private bank card of the agent (Visa or MasterCard) during 48 hours after receiving payment from the client. Payment is made in Ukrainian currency (UAH) and makes 10% of the amount sum by the contract, excluding value added tax (if service is subject to VAT).
  4. Is there any assurance of confidentiality of agent’s private information?

    All work with agents as well as with clients performing on a strictly confidential basis. Third-party individuals ca not get any information about our agents and their personal data under any circumstances.
  5. I am a business owner and wish to use the services directly and, as I see, I can save...

    Exactly. Just register as an “agent”, pointing out that you are the owner of the client-company, and get 10% discount on any service.
  6. What is the objective reason of providing 10% discount?

    We are interested in growth and increasing sales of our commercial services. We think that it’s much more easier and pleasant to be in touch with an accredited agent, rather than with an unfamiliar company representative with its own policies, which we’re not aware. We don’t want to be obsessive, be out of place and not to time. Cooperation with the agent will save our time and the nerves, so we are willing to pay for it.

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