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Complete, comprehensive ratings of contestants will be available at public shortly after processing the questionnaires of Experts and Celebrities Juri’s. Prior to completion of the audit, only results of survey of an Internet-auditory are available.
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The total survey results of 2023 by the integrated assestment in category
City Life / Mobile application to search, call and pay for taxi
Info Integrated, “absolute” ratings is calculated by survey results of 3 respondent groups.   Details…
Consumers (40%)
Experts (40%)
Celebrities (20%)
1. Uklon Link 5
2. CarOnFly Link 2.92
2. HOPINtaxi  2.92
OnTaxi Link 1.88
Bolt  1.67
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The participant which took the 1st place in this rating is by aggregate opinion of all three respondent groups is the best choice in 2023, the absolute recommendation of #1 in the category “Mobile application to search, call and pay for taxi”.
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Leader of this rating has an opportunity to get benefits of the rights and privileges of winner, the “Absolute Favorite”. The winner may be represented in the status of the best choice in the category “Mobile application to search, call and pay for taxi”, and receive an award, a gold medal Favorite of Success – 2023, on an annual awards ceremony, along with the right to use its image in the advertising and labeling.  Details…
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id175791-Ольга Шевченко Ольга Шевченко
А я затрудняюсь ответить, потому что с разными службами такси были разные случаи.
pedcenkoevgenij pedcenkoevgenij from the phone
Самое лучшее такси, пользуюсь много лет и не разу меня они не подводили. Очень рад что у них появились мотокурьеры которы привозят вовремя независимо от пробок на дорогах. Желаю процветания.
Anonymous (*.240.77) from the phone
571 только они 👍🏼
Gesha Gesha from the phone
571 лучшее такси !!! Сервис отличный !!!
Eлeнa_Чepeвкo Eлeнa_Чepeвкo comments positively on Таксі 571 from the phone +2
Всегда пользуюсь службой 571. Сервис супер!!!!
Aлeкcaндp_Жapкoв Aлeкcaндp_Жapкoв comments positively on Bolt
Всегда вовремя!!!
emma0123 emma0123 comments on OnTaxi
DFGACVKO DFGACVKO from the phone
Хороший сервис. Все супер.
Yarik2008 Yarik2008
jxtym [jhjij
Kalyaev Kalyaev comments positively on Uklon from the phone
Хороший сервис
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